Virtuality Introduces Concierge Services

We are very excited here at Virtuality to announce that we are now formerly  offering Concierge Services in Fort Mill and the surrounding areas!  This is a service we have been quietly doing for the last couple of years,  but as the demand increases we want to be positioned to meet the needs of all our clients, both old and new.

Work/life balance is something we take very seriously here at Virtuality.  In fact, it was adjusting our work/life balance that created this company!  In today’s world of two-income families there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done and still enjoy some measure of relaxation and family/couple time.  We are here to lighten the load!  Do you need groceries picked up, drycleaning dropped off, the dog walked, the flower bed weeded?  Are you trying to find time to plan your mother in laws 75th Birthday party?  Do you need a ride to the airport or kids picked up from school?  These are all simple tasks, but when they are hanging over your head and causing an already busy day to go two hours longer, they become giant mountains of stress.

We offer reasonable rates and a commitment to excellence.  Why not give it a try?

Nashville Flood-Virtuality Has Your Back (Up)

Once again Mother Nature has just devastated one of our historic cities.  This time the target is Nashville, TN, the Country Music capital of the world.  The Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, L.P. Field, and countless other buildings in this town have been damaged. It’s too early to tell just how…

Organize My Day! How To Stay On Track

It’s really easy to have a plan.  Lofty goals.  Eye on the Prize. Like I said, easy, right?  Well, conceptually it is.  Having an action plan and following through is another thing altogether. How can we take our plan and put it into action?  How can we take our dreams, and make them our reality? …

Google Docs – Create A Survey

Have you stumbled upon the Google Docs survey feature?  If you have not used it yet, it is definitely worth a look.  Just click on “Create New” in Google Docs and select “Form” and you are on your way.  In five minutes I created a 10 question survey, posted it on my blog and immediately…

Disaster Planning – Where is YOUR Plan?

A disaster can occur to your home or business at any time. There are some very elemental steps you can take now to lessen the impact.

Work From Home — My Reality

The concept of working from home is increasing in popularity as we continue to try to find that perfect work/life balance. Here are my pros and cons of the last year of self-employment.

Looking For A Job? It’s A New World Out There.

In the old days, (2 years ago) if you were searching for a job you looked in a newspaper and then you faxed or mailed (by post) your resume.  My, how times have changed. It is no longer enough to conduct a one-dimensional job search. The lines of communication and the avenues available for networking…

My Five Favorite Free Resources

There has been a major influx of programs that are web based and designed to help us manage our time, our files, our clients and our lives.  If I hadn’t started working virtually, and really looking for ways to communicate with my clients, I may never have found some of these great sites. So, if…

Welcome to Virtuality!

My name is Kathy Schneider and I am the founder of VIRTUALITY. We were borne from the increasing demand for top quality business support services in today’s changing landscape. With a team that specializes in everything from office managment and event planning, to scheduling your travel and proofing and editing your marketing copy, we are…

What IS A Virtual Assistant Anyway?

Sometimes when I tell people I am a Virtual Assistant, they glaze over.  They really have no idea what I am talking about (And some of them really don’t care).  But that’s OK,  my time is coming!  This is brilliant and I’m about to show you some of the ways that I could help YOU…


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